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Township of Ray, The Jewel of Macomb County, MI


From September 24 to approximately October 15 the Macomb County Department of Roads will be working in partnership with our community to treat the invasive weed phragmites growing in road rights of way throughout the community.  Contractors will be spraying the affected ditches sometime during that time frame. Residents who wish to opt out of having the treatment done on road right-of-way adjoining their property may do so by placing a sign stating “Do Not Spray” at both ends of their property along the road right of way.

Our community is glad to be working together as part of a coordinated effort to manage invasive species in the region.  We are a part of the Lake St. Clair CISMA—Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area—made up of partners from Macomb, St. Clair and part of Oakland County.  Recently our efforts received coverage on our local news outlets.  Follow the links below to see the stories.