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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I appeal my property Assessment?
Property assessments can only be appealed at the March Board of Review. These meetings are held in March of every year. A written letter of appeal, along with a form 4035, can be sent if the property owner is out of town during the meeting sessions. A copy of form 4035 can be found on the Michigan Department of Treasury website or a copy can be obtained at the township office.

I was out of town when the Board of Review was in session and could not make an Appeal; what can I do about my assessment?
If a protest was not made to the Board of Review while they were in session, no further protest can be made. The tax laws of the State of Michigan are very specific in the requirement of the Board of Review protest.

If I am not satisfied with the decision that was made by the Board of Review, what may I do?
If you disagree with the decision of the Board of Review, you may file an appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal. You may file this appeal by mailing a letter to the Tax Tribunal stating your desire to further appeal the Board of Review decision. This appeal must be filed no later than July 31st and should be addressed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal, P.O. Box 30232, Lansing, MI 48909.

How do I obtain the “homeowner’s principal residence exemption” on my property?
You must file a “Principal Residence Exemption” with this office after you own and occupy the property as your principal residence.

After I file the homeowner’s principal residence exemption, when will I receive the lower millage rate?
If you own and occupy your principal residence before June 1st, you will receive the lower millage rate for the summer tax collection. If you own and occupy your principal residence before Nov 1st, you will receive the lower millage rate for the winter tax collection.

How often do I have to file this affidavit?
Once filed, your homestead affidavit is valid for as long as you own and occupy that property as your principal residence.

When I claim an exemption on my new residence, what happens to the exemption on the residence I sold?
The exemption on your old home remains in effect until December 31 of the year in which your home is sold. If you move to your new residence before your first home is sold, the exemption expires on December 31 of the year you move in. You must rescind your exemption within 90 days of the date you no longer either own or occupy the property as your principal residence, whichever comes first. You may rescind your exemption and the new owner may claim an exemption of the same Principal Residence Exemption Update form which should be provided to you at closing.

Do I have to file a “Property Transfer Affidavit” if I purchase property?
Yes. The law requires the purchaser to file the Property Transfer Affidavit with the local assessing officer within 45 days of the transfer.

If my closing agent fails to file the transfer affidavit, am I still responsible for the fine and Penalties?
Yes. Even though the law requires all closing agents to comply with the disclosure requirements, there is no penalty for failing to do so. The responsibility falls on the new owner to make sure the transfer affidavit is filed. It is suggested that you personally file the transfer affidavit with your local assessor and obtain a date-stamped copy for your records.


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