Open Space Preservation

Township of Ray, The Jewel of Macomb County, MI

Right to Farm Act

This notice is to inform prospective residents that the real property they are about to build on is within close proximity of the property boundary of a farm or farm operation. Generally accepted agricultural and management practices may be utilized by the farm or farm operation and may generate usual and ordinary noise, dust, odors, and other associated conditions, and these practices are protected by the Michigan Right to Farm Act. (Public Act 93 of 1981)

Northern Six

Ray Township is one of the founding members of the Northern 6. The Northern 6 Committee, which consists of Armada, Bruce, Lenox, Ray, Richmond, and Washington Townships, is strongly in support of the preservation of farmland and open space within their jurisdictions as well as in the County as a whole. Macomb County and particularly the Northern 6 Townships are experiencing significant population increases as well as significant loss of farmland, and exploring smart growth options is top priority for all of the communities involved in the Northern 6.

Open Space Developments

Open space developments allow and encourage alternative subdivision designs, which preserve Ray Township’s character and environmentally sensitive elements, while providing housing communities that are desired by the community and the general public.

Open Space Communities shall promote the following objectives:

  • Maintain the rural character of the Township
  • Maintain an image of open space within the Township
  • Preserve open space within the Township
  • Preserve natural resources within the Township
  • Preserve agriculture and farming within the Township
  • Achieve a balance between farming, open space and residential growth within the Township.