Building Department

Township of Ray, The Jewel of Macomb County, MI

PERMITS: Include current copies of your contractor’s license, driver’s license and insurance information.

All building project information packets and applications can be found on the Forms and Applications page. Click the link on the right hand side of this page.

For trades applications please complete and email form.


Building inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday.

Electrical inspections are done Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday typically before noon.

Mechanical and Plumbing inspections are scheduled all day Tuesday and Wednesday and until noon on Thursdays.

Fire Prevention Bulletin 2021:

Please click HERE for notice from the Fire Marshal dated February 10, 2021.

New Home Builds:

Please request your architect and/or engineer to provide an electronic copy of your plot plan and drawings to Please scan and email all other required documents as listed. All new home builds must have a well installed prior to applying for the building permit.

Other building permit applications

Accessory buildings, above ground and in ground pools, decks, etc., please visit our website under the Forms and Application page and search the type of project you will be applying for, please submit all required documents as listed.

If you wish to submit plans for review and permitting, please bring them into our office, send them via email or place them in the Township drop box along with all appropriate fees.

Payments: You can come into our office to make payments or checks can be placed in our drop box or mailed. Credit card payment can be taken by phone however there is a 3% fee for all credit card payments.

The building department has written information available for various types of construction projects. Projects which require permits include: new construction, structural changes, decks, swimming pools, accessory buildings, and ponds. In addition to a building permit, permits are required for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work. Examples include lawn sprinklers, fireplaces, and replacing or adding a furnace or air conditioning, among others. Check with the department regarding your project.

To obtain a building permit construction plans must be submitted to the department for review along with site plans and permits from other agencies if required. A complete list of these requirements is available from our office. The Macomb County Health Department regulates and issues permits for wells and septic fields. Residential plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits are issued without a separate review process if construction is under 3,500 square feet.

All Inspectors in Ray Township are part time inspectors; they will return phone calls during the day as their inspection schedule allows. Twenty-four hour notice is required for scheduling inspections. Inspections can be scheduled in person or by phone. Information necessary for scheduling inspections includes: type of inspection, job address, date inspection is needed, name & phone number of caller, and any special entry instructions.


Building, Planning & Zoning Clerk
586-749-5171, ext.203


For building permits please check our Forms & Applications Page